Light Science is honoured to present this living workshop journey on Highest Destiny Alignment.

This 3 part process was received from source for the highest guidance, healing, and evolutionary potential for alignment and total divine union with our highest destiny on this Earth. Each part includes some guidance on the topics we are working with as well as a conscious meditative workshop process and a deep healing meditation. Light Language is also used for the healing and evolutionary upgrades of our bodies, minds and emotions in alignment with our sacred work. Light Language could be called Creation Codes of the higher self or spirit. It is a packaging system for high volumes of healing, evolutionary, information coding from source designed to enhance our personal and collective journies of ascension. When we speak of ascension, we are speaking of an infinite journey of evolution and ongoing blossoming of enlightenment within our very soul.


The course comes with a descriptive PDF and 3 audio guided meditations. The accompanying (optional) activation sessions with Lunaya Shekinah involve chanelling of higher guidance to assist you to align to your highest purpose in a way that is totally unique to you, as well as integration of the work. Purchasing the course now means you will receive the 2nd and 3rd parts as they come out in the next couple of weeks.

Part 01 (Offered Free Below) : Soul Integration _ Highest Destiny Alignment
Part 02 :Divine Will, Divine Service _ Highest Purpose Activation
Part 03 : Soul-Spirit Alignment and Conscious Creation Empowerment


FREE : Part 1 – “Soul Integration and Highest Destiny Alignment”

This journey takes us deep into the soul of highest destiny, and leads us through a process of karmic transcendence, soul integration, and alignment with our highest destiny. Through unconditional love, we can use our sacred free will to choose and consciously create our ascension into higher planes of existence. This is not a “better than / worse than” paradigm, but a conscious choice to flow with the divine breath of source, which is calling us now to rise in love, exercising discernment, divine wisdom, and deep love, for consciously letting go of the small self, the life of duality, and the fear of death. We are now residing deep in the heart of all creation within, aligning with our deepest truth of love, and releasing what no longer serves our soul progression into the light.

It is time now dear ones, to go through this sacred rite of passage as souls of god, embodiments of source…… time now to release the bonds of the lower worlds and allow ourselves to naturally blossom, from within, our beautiful ascension into the 4th and 5th dimensions of our sacred soul evolution. Join me in a journey of healing, through conscious self-inquiry, forgiveness, and the invokation of divine assistance along our path, as we receive light language and energy healing, integrating and reclaiming lost fragments of our soul, and committing / surrendering ourselves fully to divine will, divine love, and highest destiny. Please allow the space to enjoy these meditations in quiet and focused environments, allowing them to wash over you through mulitple listenings.