Welcome to my 3 Part Online Journey ~ ~ ~ Awakening the Higher Self.

This free video is Part 1 of the course, and you can purchase parts 2 and 3 here on this page.

Part 2 is a package that includes detailed instructions on :

– Channelling your Higher Self
– Healing with your Higher Self
– Manifesting as the Higher Self
– Daily Practice of Higher Guidance and attunement.

Part 2 also includes a special healing meditation designed to help you tune in and clear any perceived blocks or perceptual limitations that have been keeping you from a clear and connected alignment with your deeper nature.

Part 3 is a one-on-one session with me, where we’ll explore how this practice is unfolding in your life and go into some deeper healing and activation work together around your unique life experiences with this process.



After you purchase the course, I will send you a follow up email and deliver to you the package for Part 2 of the course. I’ll give you a little time to digest the materials and then at our mutual convenience, we will set up a time for your session. My sessions are by distance over phone or skype.

Welcome to Part 1 of the 3 part series Awakening the Higher Self. In this video, I’ll go through the core teachings of the Higher Self, really showing just how simple, natural, and powerful it can be to go into this journey of awakening to the REALITY of that which always has been and always shall be, the true infinite, unlimited, divine higher self nature of ourselves. Through the touch-stone of the Higher Self Gateway of unconditional love, in the heart, we have access to the still silent voice within which can teach, guide and connect us with all that we require for the highest manifestation of our divine path of awakening.

Once triggered this process will catalyse waves and waves of deeper initiation and awakening, to that deepest truth which we already know on a soul level, yet are coming into alignment with more each day. As we consciously hold space for the higher self to come in stronger, giving us conscious guidance, next steps, and accessing a larger divine intelligence through the power of love, we begin to learn our innate powers of healing and manifestation that come along with this awakening to our true power. We can, through this Higher Self Reality, effortlessly manifest the ideal perfect life, our own personal Heaven on Earth as we ascend into our multi-dimensionally conscious, New Human Avatar of light, our Angelic Selves.