Christ Union Alchemy *))) Healing With Twin Flame & Soul Relationships

I Now Live In a Middle Space
Where My Vertical and Horizontal Meet
This is the Space of the Absolute Now

As a Master of Polarity Here is Where I Exist
All This is Joined Here in My Sacred Heart Essence
The Cosmic Heart Space of One


Greetings Divine Ones ~ ~ ~

Here is the much more evolved new version of my last video teaching about the theme of the Christ in Divine Union and how this cosmic, universal life force serves to heal, transmute, transcend, awaken and transfigure our lives when we surrender to it. This is a long teaching which really shares from an intimate level of my life, as a distillation from a profoundly deep personal healing journey and mega life transformation over the course of the last year and a half or more.

In this 3 part series I go deep into the themes of the Twin Flame and Soul Mate relationships…. what exactly they are and how to make the most of these powerful experiences, how to call them in and use them for the highest level of personal healing and soul progression for ascension. It’s almost like a “Twin Flame and Soul Mate Survival Guide” filled with many insights coming from in depth research and meditation. I also share a lot here from my own twin flame relationship experience which completed 8 months before this video was posted.

This video is all about the divine alchemical process of healing through the mastering of polarities, and how we become infused with the essence of our higher selves and spirit, through a sacred container, in the synergenesis and space between partners as their sacred eliqsor of life-love embodiment between them and within. It is all about surrendering to the journey within and finding oneness through the “sacred mirror” perspective with our outside experience. When we finally surrender to the journey within, we find freedom from dissatisfaction with the outside, and land in our power and vitality as conscsious creators and self-healers. This leads to a higher level of awakening and catalyzes our ascension.

In Part 2 I feature a piece of artwork that I created to talk about these themes. This artwork was created over a long process and was originally inspired through an art exchange between myself and my twin flame when we were together. After a long journey processing the break up, I started a healing process through art and came out with this work, which will become a painting.

In Part 3 I also feature some very special footage of myself crying, from a very extremely painful breadown and breakthrough moment, in my journey of integration from the break up I experienced. In Part 3, I also give an introduction to the Gene Keys – – and talk about how this artwork will be an oracle card for the Living Genetics Oracle about Gene Key 58, Dissatisfaction ~ Vitality ~ Bliss.

I am so proud of how real and deep and powerful this sharing actually is, and it comes from my soul…. so thank you so much for taking the time to watch.

About the Artwork



Welcome to my newest drawing, about the energies of the Cosmic Christ in the sacred alchemical nature of Divine Union. This is a very deep work for me, as I created as part of a healing process, universalizing many sacred themes and revelations that had come up for my in my past relationship with my twin flame soul. Here we see the Cosmic Cross of Earth, Cosmos, Moon and Sun.

The sun and moon represent all polarities of positive and negative, male and female, joy and suffering, etc. etc. but primarily of the connection between these two universal lovers. Their figure-eight gaze represents how the reflection outside in our partner is a divine design, bringing us always back into ourselves. What we see outside is an arrow pointing within to our own hearts. As our capacity for love expands, our unconditional love of ourselves and our partner is able to expand at once, and as our focus turns within to the true source of our experience, we find empowerment to heal and resolve what has manifested in our partner as our reflection. The sooner we recognize the motion back inward to the true source, the sooner we move out of DISSATISFACTION and into VITALITY (Gene Key 58), finding true empowerment and transformation.

From that place of empowerful anchoring of our consciousness in the Christ within, the God within, the unconditional divine love and source nature within, we activate the process of transmutation and healing, which goes beyond the duality of separation, the conflict between postiive and negative experiences, the struggles of aversion and attraction, and connects vertically to a higher divine aspect of ourselves which is the transcendent unity consciousness of unconditional divine love. This is represented by the vertical aspect of the Cosmic Cross, which shows the alchemy of divine mercy as spirit pours its infinite intelligence and healing essence into the chalice of the lovers’ union and shared experience. Fired by the powerful kundalini shakti of the Mother Earth, the chalice brews this sacred eliqsor, the medicine of infinite life, the Christ essence (which we all embody).

In this portrayal of the Universal Christ through alchemy of divine union, the Holy Spirit or Shekinah is the dove of peace, the void that all this sacred eliqsor of their tears and sweat, emotions, DNA, hopes and dreams, chemicals, hormones, lovemaking, soul streams, destiny paths, creative inspirations, conscious communion and shared intelligences all merge and mix and meet…. creating something so much greater than the sum of its parts. The positive and negative of their experience blends together, within the embracing void of the Holy Spirit Divine Mother, and is infused by the infinite life of Spirit, and animated by the sacred couple and their Earthly experience, to transcend duality into a higher form of unity and love…. refining and progressing their souls upon their evolutionary journey.

Thank you for enjoying this healing artwork, I will be translating this into a painting soon, which will be part of an Oracle Deck project which is yet to be announced.

With Love,
Lunaya Shekinah