Divine Empowerment *))) The Only True Power is LOVE

Greetings Divine Ones *)))

Welcome to my video on Divine Empowerment. After going through a lot of personal healing work and having some profoundly real and meaningful encounters with my angelic guide, I have been able to come to a way deeper place for this offering about divine empowerment. I feel so inspired to share this with you….. there is an initial teaching followed by a guided meditaiton for divine empowerment, which includes angelic healing and light language.

This meditation is recommended as a regular practice. For ease of listening, here is a soundcloud audio version :

The essence of this teaching is that the only true power is love, and love is who you are :) Empowerment is surrendering to pure being and just simply shining your light, effortlessly.

Love is humility
Love is surrender
Love is light
Love is tremendous bliss
Love is freedom
Love is unlimited creation
Love is effortless

With Love,
Lunaya Shekinah