“Namaste” by Alex Grey – www.alexgrey.com

Greetings Divine Ones ~ ~ ~

This is a co-facilitated healing workshop journey for women, focused on the topic of Divine Empowerment. It is intended as a gateway for not only personal healing and empowerment but also for the empowerment that comes naturally through facilitating, and learning from the facilitation styles of others. This model is based on the concept that we are all equally empowered and we all have the potential to act as facilitators for the community. Many people receive the offerings of empowered people in the community but do not realize that they themselves have something valuable to share. Some of us have been developing and crafting our highest offerings for a long time, as well as practicing and being paid for our work. Others of us maybe are just starting to develop our work, but have a passion for sharing. All are valued, welcomed and appreciated in this sacred circle of divine empowerment.

I have carefully decided to launch this model as a women’s only group, in order to create the space for women’s sexual healing practices, which have become a strong theme within the circle so far. We have started the group through a strong set of 6 facilitators, to begin the offering. Soon over the next couple weeks, we will be opening all the offerings shared thus far, to new facilitators who would like to join. As a new facilitator, you can access all the resources in exchange for sharing a resource of your own. To apply, email light.science@gmail.com and connect with Lunaya, giving an overview of what you would like to offer, and sharing a short blurb about yourself and your website if you have it. The experience is free of charge in terms of money exchange, and is purely on the condition that you make an offering which the other facilitators will access.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

With Love,
Lunaya Shekinah