Divine Guidance *))) The Immediacy of Spirit

Greetings Divine Ones *)))

I’m so happy to offer you this new video about how to receive accurate and life transforming divine guidance from spirit. This practice will upgrade your entire life exponentially and greatly accelerate you upon your evolutionary journey.

This offering really comes from the heart, and from a lifetime of intent personal practice since the age of about 13. It also comes from trial and error, a highly accelerated journey of spiritual evolution, moments of being humbled, and many key successes, complimented by the help of a wonderful coach.

In this talk, I discuss the whole concept of ascension and how we are learning, as new humans, to anchor our consciousness progressively more into higher dimensions beyond our Earthly body-mind-ego-personality into our higher self and the infinite realm of spirit. This practice of tapping into divine guidance and learning to trust it, and learning to allow it guide your every life decision and movement, is a core skill for ascension. This is how we become instruments for the divine and truly begin living out our amazing potential as spiritual beings here in bodies on planet Earth.

After covering how important and meaningful it is to connect this way, I offer up from personal experience a very powerful starting tool on how to make this work for you, test your accuracy, and quickly start living from spirit in all that you do. I teach a YES or NO style of divine questioning as a starting point for the deeper work. I explore a combination between trusting and remaining humble…. but most of all TRUSTING, which is the most important and commonly lacking ingredient for people. I give an exercise for testing accuracy and guidance for living this out in your life.

I am so honoured to share this with you and I hope you’ll find it as useful as I do. If you love the video, please consider taking my 3 part course called Awakening Highest Destiny, found on my website www.lightscience.ca/awakening-highest-destiny – this is just one small piece of a larger process I unveil through that journey.

Sending love as we align with divine will for our ever blossoming of the divine within.

Lunaya Shekinah