Fall Equinox 2014 *))) Soul Integration & Life Review

Greetings Divine Ones ~ ~ ~

Tomorrow, the 23rd of Sept, is the Fall Equinox, and I feel so many deep luminous shifts taking place at the moment, in this sacred turning within and without. This is a very powerful moment for soul integrations and life review.

Imagine that your soul has travelled (and will travel) across an infinite tapestry of timeline threads which weave a fabric of your existence. We speak of “the fabric of time” because it is not a single thread but an infinite weave. As your soul traverses these spaces of your life experiences, you sometimes leave pieces of you embedded here and there, in the energy bodies of others, in places, and in stories of your experience that you are attached to. This is an important time for reclaiming ourselves into our oneness here now… and truly fully embodying our wholeness. As we call back any fragments of our soul that have been scattered across our life territory, we become infinitely more present, centred, focused and beautifully alive.

This Sacred Fall Equinox, I strongly encourage us all to ground ourselves more than ever before, which truly means reclaiming, re-integrating, and fully embodying ourselves into REALITY and TRUTH which only ever exists HERE and NOW…. we find it WITHIN, dear ones. You can call upon the angels and archangels, or your star ancestors of the light to help you reclaim your various soul fragments from all your present and past life experiences into a much more integrated, fully seated, YOU. Consciously review your past experiences, or intuitive knowings, emotions, or even larger cosmic dramas, which perhaps do not have a memory attached, and go through a process of conscious forgiveness, releasing, cord-cutting and CALL BACK all aspects of your soul, here now into yourself.

As we come more fully into ourselves, we GROUND ourselves fully. This beautiful Fall grounding represents not only the practical sides of life but also the emotional and spiritual. Grounding is about being a full spectrum human being and being present here now with all of who you are. Aside from a constant creative practice of healthier conscious eating, I also recommend playful creative or spiritual exercise practices which really nurture who you are and allow you to express your beauty, strength, genius and creativity…. such as dance, circus arts, tai chi, acrobatics, yoga, and even just running around like a little kid in the park chasing after cute dogs and shiny things :) Do what makes you happy but ground into this physical world as your way of inviting the higher frequencies to truly ANCHOR in your form.

I am genuinely overflowing with inspiration for the grounding of all my projects, relationships, and personal spiritual practices into a much more well-organized and higher level of practice and production and I hope you are too….. May this Equinox bring a deep sense of peace, love, unity and may we all embrace our future with hope from a true place of presence.

With Love,
Lunaya Shekinah