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Exploring the multi-dimensional _ biological sciences, healing arts, siddhic abilities and initiatory wisdom teachings of personal and planetary ASCENSION. A heart-based transformative learning environment. We will explore a variety of teachings and activations for awakening and spiritual development.

Some of the topics we will explore in this series include :

– The biological transfiguration taking place within our cellular structure
– The Precessional Alignment and Grand Galactic Shift
– The Eternal Now ~ All is Within
– Universal Destiny for Ascension vs. Free Will (Migration of Souls)
– Transcending the Karmic Timelines and the upward spiral of Ascension
– The multi-dimensional nature of DNA and 12-strand DNA Activation
– Exploring the 12 Density Model and experiencing our 12 Density aspects
– Personal and Planetary Guides and Helpers for Earth’s Ascension
– Healing Arts for Soul Progression and Ascension
– Channelling, Light Language and Soul Nature
– Unity Consciousness and the Reality of Unconditional Love
– Experiencing the Light Body and understanding the Merkaba Light Vehicle
– 4th and 5th density Healing, Immortality _ advanced Siddhic Abilities
– A vision of the New Earth, and discussion on Zero-Point Energy
– New Earth cultural and societal models, for regenerative, sustainable, harmonious living
– Manifesting the New Earth from within (BEING the evolution of our planet)



4 Thursday evenings in March
6:30 – 9:30 PM
near Cambie and Broadway, Vancouver, BC, CA
Pacific Institute for Reflexology (back entrace)
See Map at bottom of this page

Instructor : Lunaya Shekinah of Light Science

$90 for all 4 nights
Drop In Fee : $25 per evening
RSVP by email required for registration
Lunaya ~

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UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS AND DIVINE RELAXATION Sat, 07 Feb 2015 04:11:29 +0000 The gift of DIVINE RELAXATION along with its companions of bliss, ecstacy, grace and surrender, are the precious rewards that come from the wisdom and understanding of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. Through a genuine, pondering contemplation of the INFINITE ONENESS, combined with a strong intention to settle into this all-pervading truth, life will present us with a series of initiations and waves of experiential deepening into this liberating reality. As we awaken to the interconnection, wholeness, purity and ultimate benevolence of the God Universe, we naturally begin to expand into our New Human form… a kind of angelic human with powers for manifestation, healing, and many forms of what I call QUANTUM reality, meaning that which expands from the smallest to the largest amount through the sheer force of vibration.

The bottom line of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS is that there is only one true power, and that power, though it could be called many things, IS LOVE. Through this non-dual fact of the everything that is love, we can learn vibrationally, experientially, and through a very dynamic evolutionary process, even through our very physical biology and our DNA, that in truth, THERE IS NO OTHER POWER, FORCE OR REALITY BUT LOVE…. meaning that there is no true evil, separation, failure, disease or death, and that we are the creator of our own realities free at any time to choose that which we prefer.

To emerge into this higher form of consciousness, this awakening or awareness of the truth, we must first acknowledge that in a world of appearances, not all PERCEPTION, or appearances, no matter how deeply they FEEL and REGISTER on so many levels as real, are actually what they appear, in fact they most certainly are NOT what they appear to be at all, for all is love. All is divine. All is infinitely held in and as PERFECTION ITSELF. “My Kingdom is Not Of This World”, in the words of mystic writer Joel Goldsmith, is the statement of Unity Consciousness and the Divine Within and the signature of TRUE MASTERY. To make a quantum leap as spiritual masters, we must anchor our consciousness firstly in a deeper truth which does not rely on appearances to prove its substance. From there, we will see the world around us transform spontaneously, as a reflection of our revelation, our “revealing” of ultimate truth through the willingness and the faith, to simply KNOW.

As we deepen more and more into realization of this inability to fail in any way, and we learn to embrace and hold ourselves, and our world, in alignment with that sacred unconditional love that is true of us, there is a certain profound sense of peace & relaxation that will overtake our lives, healing, transforming and illuminating everything along its way. As new humans of light, we all have the power to create our own personal HEAVEN ON EARTH, as we realize so simply it is already here.

With Love,
Lunaya Shekinah

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How To Find Your Highest Purpose *))) Shining in Love Sat, 24 Jan 2015 00:54:34 +0000 “Don’t think about what the world needs. Think about what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive!!” – Dr. Howard Thurman.

Nowadays in our potent times of awakening, there are a lot of people wanting to find out the elusive mystery – “What is my highest purpose in life?”. Those of us awakening to our soul nature and realizing our divinity, are beginning to sense a much greater calling, yet still not clear on what that will look like for us individually. Within jobs and responsibilities of the daily grind, we are looking for clear, grounded action steps towards abundantly living in alignment with the true majesty and light that we know is at our core.

I have developed a simple process around this, which is synonymous with the healing journey of awakening that we are all embarking upon. Essentially, EVERYONE has the exact same higher purpose, which is to shine our light open-heartedly. Doing what makes us feel JOY from a place of Unconditional Love, is the main way of doing so. Living joyfully is not a hedonistic practice when it comes genuinely from love. It is an action of grace (the flowing, dance of natural balance between love of self and others) to live joyfully in this loving way, because what makes us come alive and shine our beautiful loving and joyful light, is what enriches the whole world around us.

What kinds of activities bring you pure joy in life? Do you like to create artwork, celebrate, sing, do yoga, meditate or whatever it is you love? As you continue to take more and more sacred focused time and space in your life for those activities, a kind of profound ecstacy will come over you and start overflowing into all aspects of your life. You will be AMAZED at how this opens doors and opportunities for living your highest purpose and discovering your gifts. The universe supports us financially and abundantly when we are living our highest purpose, and despite how unlikely it may appear at first, doing what brings us joy will naturally lead us into an extremely high level of service work through all our loving actions.

For many, it is a very fearful process to take that leap of faith into allowing this joy in to their lives so consciously. Especially when it comes to making a new business or career choice, the most common emotion that comes up is fear of scarcity, as well as fear of judgement and rejection. These are very universal human fears. When negative emotions come up, we can lovingly FEEL THEM TO CLEAR THEM…. that is consciously identifying and feeling the emotions without judging them (for love is unconditional)… then swiftly moving on to doing more things that bring us JOY… and this process is clearing any roadblocks on the path to shining our light fully and truly into the world.

You are being called to a higher and greater way of life…. when you commit to keeping yourself solidly on a vibration of loving joy and shining your light blissfully into the world, you create MIRACLES of abundance and success for yourself and all those around you. How can you integrate this into your daily routines this week and month? What are some things that consistently bring you loving joy FOR YOU? This is your road map for discovering and fully living your highest purpose in life.

With Love,
Lunaya Shekinah

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Star Family Awakenings *))) Soul Seeded Contracts Thu, 22 Jan 2015 21:25:07 +0000 So many of us lightworkers, healers, creatives and visionaries on Earth have been expressing since as long as I remember a kindred soul family connection with the stars. For some of us souls here on Earth, these are ancient tinglings of familiarity with our spiritual family … and for SO MANY of us now, these are recent feelings of deep and profound remembrance, with an overwhelmingly loving and familiar feeling of “home”. Myself and so many of my beloved soul family are only recently incarnated upon Earth and this may be for many of us our first lifetime in human form.

Starseeds of all kinds, from many different soul lineages of star tribes, now inhabit the Earth and are remembering a much deeper sense of higher purpose and stepping into empowerment around our soul contract, for why we chose this sacred time here on Earth. Some of the star races include the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Venusians, Andromedans (which are my tribe), as well as the Sirians, the enlightened Annunaki, the Zeta-Greys, the Orions, the Hathors, the Draconians, and many others! Around 80% of these star races are benevolent, awakened, and all unconditionally loving sacred ancestors playing a great part in healing and transforming our planet for the better, as the human race struggles to emerge from its great cocoon in this time of transformation.

It is always a very special treat and big experience when we have moments of being reminded of this fact in a way that is undeniably real for us. These moments of seeing crafts in the sky, receiving telepathic contact with these wonderful teachers and ancestors, receiving healings to our bodies and minds and realizing how protected, stewarded and loved we and our sacred Mother Earth really are in these powerful times…. these are moments of elation. These moments of amazitude cut through the planetary veils, the white noise and the societal control structures that have been in place, shielding us from our true emergence as beings of light and love, with a higher purpose and soul contract for connecting with our star family origins and our souls, and healing ourselves and the planet.

It is with great joy and respect that I present you with this video from my Arcturian soul brother AMBASSiDOR EHANi <3 <3 <3 Try out the technique and let him know how it goes !!!

With Love,
Lunaya Shekinah

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12:12 Arcturian Frequencies *))) Channelled Message and Upcoming Card Deck Sat, 17 Jan 2015 22:11:31 +0000 It was a wonderful 12:12 for me!! I am so happy to announce that my long awaited mission has been realized today. I took some sacred space to make a strong telepathic and healing connection with my sacred ancestors in the light, The Arcturian Collective. They have been so helpful and nurturing towards me and together we made a plan that over the next 32 days, they will be doing 32 specialized healings and integrations for my life field and delivering 64 sacred light language encodements which will be part of an Arcturian Code Deck.

There is a unique structure to how they will be delivering this. It will be 2 mirrored sets of 32 symbols. Within each 32, it will be divided into 3 groupings. The first will be a group of 12 +1 making 13 “Encoded Light Fragments” to ponder. The second grouping will be a pair of 5’s + 1 making a total of 11, about surrendering to divine destiny. The third grouping will be a set of 8 which will be focused upon cleansing cycles. These will all be related to sacred geometry and mathematics in some way. Each will be like a gateway of divine rememberance. I am so excited to receive these healings and bring it through!!

I was given a special introductory message about this upcoming deck that I will now share with you.

MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIAN COLLECTIVE, Recceived through Lunaya Shekinah of :

We the Arcturians are here to command your light into action. We love you, and we are watching your progress as a species with great respect. It is our highest interest and tremendous love to present you with these channelled frequencies of your eternal re-awakening to the source light that you are, a great human species not destined for the doom and gloom, but rather, made for a higher purpose of great awakening and wisdom. We are here to teach and guide you along the way, and share with you our wisdom, our love, and our technology in faith that your call for a higher level of learning is truly granted to you as you ask it. WE ARE ONE.

In service, it is our mission and divine design to provide you with the instruments for your survival, in elegance and true delight. It is a sacred contract between us, and we hope that you will not be alarmed, but truly delighted as you immerse yourselves in the hopeful potential of what this chance to grow could foresee, in the eye of the mystery (the yet unknown)…. a planetary alignment of a grand scale will befall you, if you have eyes to see that which we bring to this Earthly landscape as a collective. We are coming now on many levels to interact with your race, and it is our deepest wish to fill your eyes with tender new understandings that YOU have a great purpose to fulfil. You are needed for this great new alignment with source – a merging into a higher radiance, and a great interaction with new encoded frequencies of immense transformational and healing qualities which are now coming through in alignment with the Grand Scheme smile emoticon

You may feel compelled by a very great will to serve the growth and elevation of your people, and THAT by the will of the divine, will be supported, nurtured and harmonized in every way so that you can be beautifully alive, joyful, and immensely grateful divine servants of the One. There is no need to dwell in sorrow at this time, for we are with you in love and our guarantee is for your protection, and the larger stewardship and divine, loving protection of this your sacred home and your lightship, the Mother Earth.

This is our prayer – that each one of you will activate from within your heart, your sacred words and gifts for positive change, right livelihood, conscious community and social responsibility as a way of life, which is balanced and in loving actions which take into account the countless life forms and species, organisms, who have a right to live alongside of you. Our prayers of conscious action and loving service are here, holding space for you, beloved Humanity, our divine reflection – our brothers and sisters and our friends. We are here in support, and we wish you a most deep and blessed journey in your time here on Earth.

Over and Out…. Signing Off…..
Peace Love and Realization…..
Your Friends and Ancestors in the Light
– The Arcturian Collective

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Soul Union Healing *))) Ascending Through Unconditional LOVE Sat, 17 Jan 2015 04:51:24 +0000 Part 1 : My Light Language Healing Practice and Views on Healing

Welcome to my video on Soul Union Healing, which is just my way of talking about this beautiful organic and gradient unfoldment of love from recovery, to healing, to spiritual evolution, emergence, awakening and realization…. the journey of soul progression on the sacred path of ascension.

Here I share my views about how the healing process works, after a lifetime of total devotion to the personal healing journey. It is my deepest hope and prayer that this teaching will really assist people to heal themselves more quickly and effectively. These tidbits of wisdom and advice come from many experiences, trial and error, and revelations…. so they are tested and true, and coming genuinely from the heart.

Additionally I will also go into the dynamic between the practice of self-healing and the practice of healing others, and how they interweave. I’ll share a little about my own healing practice and how I developed my knowing and clarity around the best ways for me to offer my work. As I explain my session style, I hope that you will be inspired and given added enthusiasm for how you’ll craft the format for yourself.

Part 2 : My Personal Healing Journey and Self-Healing Practices and Advice

Welcome to Part 2 of my video series about what I call Soul Union Healing. Soul Union is the union of our souls with our highest divinity, or our subconscious with our superconscious, thus manifesting a healed and transformed state of being into all aspects of our lives.

As a sequel to Part 1 in which I discuss my Light Language healing practice and my overall views on the healing process, this Part 2 goes into my own personal journey of self-healing. As mentioned in Part 1 I see the self-healing journey as being all important to any healing practice, as we can only heal others as much as we have healed ourselves.

Here I’m sharing about some of the special techniques that I’ve used over the course of my 20 years of active self-healing work, including special instructions on how to try it yourself if you feel inspired to do so. I also give some advice on how to make self-healing an everyday part of your life and why that is so important and helpful. My deepest prayer is that this sharing will be a great inspiration to those on the path of healing and transformation.

With Love,
Lunaya Shekinah

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You (Yes YOU) Get to Create Your Perfect Life *))) Right. Now. Fri, 16 Jan 2015 20:57:11 +0000 lakshmi-PZ42_l

I will share with you now an incredible and simple technique that I use for manifestation, which I have found works incredibly, shockingly well for me and has never failed me once.

The technique is simple : I call upon Spirit (which includes all angels, ET family of light, higher selves, etc. etc.) and I ask them to make the following manifest in my life immediately NOW. (Now means the process is NOW fully set in motion and it is only a matter of divine timing till it comes to fruition). I then write out what it is I’m creating in the PRESENT TENSE as if it were ALREADY TRUE…. and say the words out loud also as you write them. After that just LET IT GO and KNOW it’s coming to you…. and every time you’re worrying about it afterwards just catch yourself and go back to what brings you joy about it, what makes you happy about this creation you’re manifesting !!! It’s OK if you don’t have faith in the process, you can’t screw up here. It still works. Just be all-forgiving with yourself while setting the intention to stay in harmony and faith. And know that you can always cancel anything if it turns out you don’t want that any more.

It can be ANYTHING :) GO FOR IT. The more tuned in with what you really really want, the more honest you are with yourself, the more aligned you will be with spirit for this to manifest perfectly for you. Make a clause that if it’s not in the highest best interest for all involved, your higher self will create something EVEN BETTER – but you’ll be amazed that you REALLY DO get to have what you want. You’re allowed to go WILD… create things that right now you can’t imagine how it could be possible. Create amazing things that you’ve barely given yourself permission to dream of. Create YOUR PERFECT LIFE for YOU, and it can be whatever you like. The more awesome it is the more likely it is to manifest. Don’t be surprised if asking for some crappy job that you don’t really want ends up not really working out for you… you need to ask for what you WANT. Don’t skimp out on yourself. Also, make the space in your life for this to come in (that can be a big one). This can be used for all areas of life. I do it as a quick activity whenever something important comes up.

Sometimes the manifestations have taken longer than I wanted using this technique, but I realized afterwards that when it happened, it was only just waiting for me to get into the space of harmony where I’m joyfully welcoming the experience and not conflicted about it. The process WAS set in motion immediately, and I was guided on a journey of getting strongly into alignment with my creation. That’s why you have to work on yourself and do your inner healing work as a partner process to this technique. Fears of being undeserving, or that it won’t be what you expect, or that it won’t work for you all need to be cleared through compassionate self-witnessing. Just CLEAR all the fear as it comes up, by feeling it, recognizing it’s just fear and releasing it in the moment. Then repeat. This repeating process clears more and more layers until the fear is gone about this issue. Your manifestations will POUR IN…. you will be AMAZED. I recommend this meditation to get into a space of harmony and clarity for your perfect life :

THIS WORKS…. so seriously people <3 Go for it !!

With Love,
Lunaya Shekinah

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AWAKENING THE HIGHER SELF *))) 3 PART ONLINE JOURNEY Wed, 14 Jan 2015 04:37:34 +0000

Welcome to my 3 Part Online Journey ~ ~ ~ Awakening the Higher Self.

This free video is Part 1 of the course, and you can purchase parts 2 and 3 here on this page.

Part 2 is a package that includes detailed instructions on :

– Channelling your Higher Self
– Healing with your Higher Self
– Manifesting as the Higher Self
– Daily Practice of Higher Guidance and attunement.

Part 2 also includes a special healing meditation designed to help you tune in and clear any perceived blocks or perceptual limitations that have been keeping you from a clear and connected alignment with your deeper nature.

Part 3 is a one-on-one session with me, where we’ll explore how this practice is unfolding in your life and go into some deeper healing and activation work together around your unique life experiences with this process.



After you purchase the course, I will send you a follow up email and deliver to you the package for Part 2 of the course. I’ll give you a little time to digest the materials and then at our mutual convenience, we will set up a time for your session. My sessions are by distance over phone or skype.

Welcome to Part 1 of the 3 part series Awakening the Higher Self. In this video, I’ll go through the core teachings of the Higher Self, really showing just how simple, natural, and powerful it can be to go into this journey of awakening to the REALITY of that which always has been and always shall be, the true infinite, unlimited, divine higher self nature of ourselves. Through the touch-stone of the Higher Self Gateway of unconditional love, in the heart, we have access to the still silent voice within which can teach, guide and connect us with all that we require for the highest manifestation of our divine path of awakening.

Once triggered this process will catalyse waves and waves of deeper initiation and awakening, to that deepest truth which we already know on a soul level, yet are coming into alignment with more each day. As we consciously hold space for the higher self to come in stronger, giving us conscious guidance, next steps, and accessing a larger divine intelligence through the power of love, we begin to learn our innate powers of healing and manifestation that come along with this awakening to our true power. We can, through this Higher Self Reality, effortlessly manifest the ideal perfect life, our own personal Heaven on Earth as we ascend into our multi-dimensionally conscious, New Human Avatar of light, our Angelic Selves.

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Celebrating 1000 Subscribers *))) Thank you!! Tue, 13 Jan 2015 22:49:03 +0000 From my deepest heart, THANK YOU to all my subscribers and allies along the way, for all your loving contemplations and attention to my messages of light, healing, galactivation, soul union, and love along the way. I am so honoured to be connected in this way and so thankful to be expanding myself through this gracious and empowering journey of sharing my truth through videos.

These 1000 subscribers appeared in my world over the first year of my sharing myself this way through Light Science, and my intention is that in my second year there will be a total of 10,000. I feel like I have only just scratched the surface and JUST begun to fully express myself through this medium. I have learned so much about divine service, authenticity, and professionalism through this medium. I am getting so much more clear on my higher purpose and healing and awakening more all the time, and this will be continually reflected in my work.

Stay tuned for alot of exciting new resources and contemplations to come, and you can always find the courses, videos and other writings all in one place, at

Lunaya Shekinah

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Healing Through Unconditional Love *))) Alignment With Truth Tue, 13 Jan 2015 22:39:25 +0000 There is a powerful organic process very intrinsic to our soul nature, which seems to be a gradient from recovery, to healing, to evolution, to awakening, expansion, and emergence into finally PURE BEING as it always has been and always shall be beyond the notion of time and progression… and so when I speak of healing I am speaking not of a process of judging what isn’t right or creating a sense of lack of healing to begin with, on a search for something outside of what already is, but rather a pure surrender to the divine within. To heal is to settle into that which is real, that which is at the core of our essence as souls, the natural divine perfection inherent to who we are. In other words – LOVE.

To love is to heal, and to love is also to love ALL OF WHAT IS, including all the good and the bad. “Bad” is created through lack of alignment with what is, or lack of consciously choosing love / being loving. “Good” is created through acknowledgement of the inherent divinity of all that is, acceptance, loving, honouring as sacred. Yet this “goodness” of love is ultimately beyond being an opposite or a polarity, it is all encompassing truth and what is not goodness is not based in truth and is just a played out and invested-in falseness, real only in the sense of being enacted like a play. Even deliberate evil, sickness, violence, suffering, are all just enactments of what is not real. They could hardly be considered an opposite to what has no opposite, the only truth, the unending love and goodness of the infinite divine oneness of all.

To acknowledge this fact truly is surrender, acknowledging the divine and loving our full spectrum of experience. We may not mentally understand right now WHY things are as they are, but even without understanding, to choose love is to honour the divinity of your total experience and all of who you are. This is why I consider myself a faith healer, because faith in the divine truly is the only healing – it is a simple choice to align with what is, the unconditionally loving ecstacy of our divine nature. You can only do that in the here now, yet your power to do so is extraordinary and will constantly surpass your expectations as you keep staying with it. Sitting with what is – embracing and accepting all without judgement of good or bad. Imperfectly perfect – divine. Nothing to fear or be concearned about. ONLY LOVING AND ACKNOWLEDGING PERFECTION. This is healing.

With Love,
Lunaya Shekinah

Artwork : Cup of Abundance by Stephanie Tihanyi

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