Vancouver, BC, Canada

Healer, new media designer, educator, mystic, singer, healing artist, spiritual student-teacher and cultural creative, Lunaya Shekinah is a dynamic, awakening soul weaving an artful understanding of nature, spirit and technology together into the fabric of emerging planetary cultures.

Light Science ( :

Lunaya founded Light Science, an evolutionary web platform sharing sacred teachings, visionary art and transformative education, both in person and online.

Light Science Design ( :

Lunaya has been responsible for the website and graphic design for all her inner world projects including Light Science, Galactik Trading Cards (with a team of designers), Guild of Valinore and Gaiacraft. With 7+ years working with the Adobe Suite, Lunaya has specialized in illustration and graphic design. She currently uses WordPress and is moving more into video and audio production. She was also the graphic designer for

Healing :

Now 33 years old, Lunaya began her life path as a healer, muse and educator at the age of 14, devoting her weekends off school to intensive study and practice in shamanic and energy healing as well as channelling, intuitive arts and mediumship.

At 19 she was a teaching and practicing Reiki Master (level 4), and by 23 she worked professionally in Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork doing long 4 – 6 hour shamanic massage healings, including angelic mediumship and Reiki. For 12 years Lunaya worked closely with a shamanic teacher in plant-spirit medicine traditions, and this led to her eventual focus on Sound Healing.

Lunaya currently works as a Sound Healer, focused mainly on Acutonics Tuning Fork healing, Light Language, crystal singing bowls and tibetan bells. She works and teaches with individuals and groups, always with a focus on empowerment for self-healing.

Childhood and Youth Education :

Lunaya has received training in youth and childhood education with a focus on ecological and art based experiential learning through permaculture. Combining all her skills as a permaculture educator, healer, empowerment coach, artist and graphic designer, Lunaya thrives on opportunities to help our new starseed children to awaken, gain valuable skills, and be blessed with a head start on life.

Galactik Trading Cards ( :

Lunaya plays many roles on the bridge crew for the Galactik Trading Cards, a global arts initiative, for which she has co-created a collection of multi-language oracle cards sharing conscious art in an accessible form across the planet. Curating visionary art galleries and cultural installations at festivals, Lunaya brings light to awaken and activate many planetary people.

Gaiacraft ( :

She is on the core team for Gaiacraft (, a permaculture education platform and learning community dedicated to cultivating sustainable practices and creative solutions for pressing planetary concerns from local to global. She teaches workshops, develops all manner of permaculture media and specialized learning tools, and designs the Gaiacraft web platforms.


Currently enjoying the rocky and sandy beaches, and temperate rainforest of the west coast of Canada, she lives and works closely with the natural world while engaging in her dynamic life works. Lunaya’s light has arrived at this special time in our planetary destiny to share healing, evolution and love with the world souls.