Peace Within *))) Connecting to our True Nature

Greetings Divine Ones ~ ~ ~

I have been excited to show off this sweet little detail of a recent altar I created. This candle was lit from a candle, in a direct lineage of candles lit from a sacred ceremonial peace candle which was originally lit in a great ritual with representatives from all the world’s countries, doing sacred prayers and meditation for peace. I have been lighting candles for people from this one, and meditating deeply about the nature and practice of peace. The candle sits with my favourite book, the Keys of Enoch, and a dragonfly which to me represents the amazing mass transfiguaration (of the new human form) which is happening right now, and will be accelerating. More on that another time.

Peace to me, is a commitment to a deeper realization of ourselves. It is the acknowledgement and honouring of the deepest truth of what it is to be alive. When the tides of life rise and fall, beautiful and horrible things take place, and all along we are the same one, observing it all. Most things in life, such as the highs and lows, seem to come and go. What is unchanging is the truth of who we are. In this realization of peace within, we make a choice to sit with what is, and put our attention on the unchanging, rather than the extremes of life. It is a willingness to anchor our consciousness in a place of what truly has enduring substance, the primary reality, rather than identifying with the transient ups and downs and getting really attached to how they come out.

Of course, divine ones…. there is a natural preference to have ups rather than downs in life…… and we are creators here to manifest our highest destiny and perfect life always….. we are not here to suffer or struggle…… and the highs and lows have their valuable karmic teachings….. but in peace we are realizing that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS….. we are one, the same one, always. The unchanging, unharmable, divine nature of ourselves is everpresent and there is a true immense sense of divine ecstacy and non-dual bliss that comes from just RESTING in the already truth of our very being. This is realization!! Sending our prayers to spirit with a kiss, honouring and trusting that we are infinitely loved and provided for by the universe, and yet remaining truly unattached and in unconditional trust, is the way of peace.

In peace, we surrender fully to what is, no matter how brutal or threatening, we simply change the things we can, and accept what we cannot change, without any big story about it. We rest in ourselves from moment to moment, just doing what we know to do. To me, that’s peace. What is peace to you?

With Love,
Lunaya Shekinah