Sacred Sexual Soul Healing *))) Divine Feminine Empowerment

Greetings Divine Ones ~ ~ ~ 

It is my great honour to present to you this personal sharing about my life changing sexual healing experience through participating in the facilitated journey from Leyolah Antara , Female Sexual Soul Healing, or Women’s Sexual Healing Prayers…. you can find more info about the course here : and you can always email Leyolah to inquire about it as well at

In this talk, I give information about this amazing journey of divine healing, and how the process is structured, and why I have so much respect for this style of work. I feel this offering is incredibly important for women everywhere to experience, as it’s a profound way of connecting with our sacred sexual empowerment, being educated, emotionally healed, having revelation and new self-awareness. This really is the deep shadow work necessary in order to open to not only better sex and improved cultivation of energy, but also a much more joyful, innocent, free, open, surrendered and present divine life of profound union within and without.

Unlike many other healing techniques I have checked out, this particular process is very “clean” so to speak, in that it doesn’t just bring a ton of stuff to the surface without properly clearing and healing it all. Of course for people working with major past traumas, you should always couple something like this with other forms of therapy, but I really found this work to be effective in that it brought me in and through the identifying, feeling and releasing of negative imprints stored in my body, and always took me out the other side into greater and more expansive bliss, joy, clarity, healed openness and of course pleasure.

This practice can be done alone or with a partner, so the process is open for men to experience as well, in a reverent way to support and enrich the healing journey with the woman. I just think, wow, this is deep and sacred territory and coming through this divine process I will have a greatly renewed sense of respect and love for my own universal feminine sexuality within and without, as well as much more trust and respect for other women, in the profound understanding of what we carry in our bodies, and how this touches every aspect of our lives each day.

I pray as many women as possible will open to these prayers and take the time to do this practice of learning, healing, evolving and loving themselves and the divine.

With great love and sincerity
Lunaya Shekinah