Soul Union Healing *))) Ascending Through Unconditional LOVE

Part 1 : My Light Language Healing Practice and Views on Healing

Welcome to my video on Soul Union Healing, which is just my way of talking about this beautiful organic and gradient unfoldment of love from recovery, to healing, to spiritual evolution, emergence, awakening and realization…. the journey of soul progression on the sacred path of ascension.

Here I share my views about how the healing process works, after a lifetime of total devotion to the personal healing journey. It is my deepest hope and prayer that this teaching will really assist people to heal themselves more quickly and effectively. These tidbits of wisdom and advice come from many experiences, trial and error, and revelations…. so they are tested and true, and coming genuinely from the heart.

Additionally I will also go into the dynamic between the practice of self-healing and the practice of healing others, and how they interweave. I’ll share a little about my own healing practice and how I developed my knowing and clarity around the best ways for me to offer my work. As I explain my session style, I hope that you will be inspired and given added enthusiasm for how you’ll craft the format for yourself.

Part 2 : My Personal Healing Journey and Self-Healing Practices and Advice

Welcome to Part 2 of my video series about what I call Soul Union Healing. Soul Union is the union of our souls with our highest divinity, or our subconscious with our superconscious, thus manifesting a healed and transformed state of being into all aspects of our lives.

As a sequel to Part 1 in which I discuss my Light Language healing practice and my overall views on the healing process, this Part 2 goes into my own personal journey of self-healing. As mentioned in Part 1 I see the self-healing journey as being all important to any healing practice, as we can only heal others as much as we have healed ourselves.

Here I’m sharing about some of the special techniques that I’ve used over the course of my 20 years of active self-healing work, including special instructions on how to try it yourself if you feel inspired to do so. I also give some advice on how to make self-healing an everyday part of your life and why that is so important and helpful. My deepest prayer is that this sharing will be a great inspiration to those on the path of healing and transformation.

With Love,
Lunaya Shekinah