awakeningloveFrom the infinite spirit of love, comes my work of transcendence, light, and miraculous grace, deep in the heart of wonder. I am here to assist you to heal and transcend limiting patterns, beliefs, and any¬†resulting physical ailments through my intuitive guidance which comes from spirit. I also work with the guidance of spirit to create guided meditation mp3’s which include a combination of verbal guidance and Light Language sound healing. This process helps inspire and heal your heart, mind and life so that you can experience so much more of what brings you joy, brilliance, beauty and love – a life of true divine harmony in the¬†unlimited soul territory.

Light Language is a form of multi-dimensional languaging which packages large volumes of healing information, through the higher self, into a small package. The “words” that come through verbally as Light Language do not have set meanings – they contain volumes of information and this information is understood and integrated by your DNA and energy body, for the purpose of healing and ascension. I receive Light Language from spirit specifically for your unique healing path and integrate that into my custom meditations.

These are some common themes that could be worked into our sessions.

1. Emotional Healing (related to physical)
2. Life Path / Higher Purpose Activation
3. Star Family Mediumship
4. Manifestation _ Abundant Perfect Life
5. Divine Relationship Alignment
6. Angelic Mediumship
7. Psychic / Intuitive Development