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Transcending the FB Matrix *))) From Personal to Universal

Greetings Divine Ones ~ ~ ~

Thank you so much for checking out my video on how to transcend the Facebook Matrix. This comes from years of deep pondering and visionary dreaming about what are the Facebook pitfalls and how to transcend them. I’ve written articles and had a lot of deep conversations about this with smart friends.

Facebook is a very diverse tool, but the way it’s set up tends to guide our thinking in a way that is mostly not very conducive to our ascension or spiritual evolution. Generally speaking the reason for that is because of the false notions of personal identity that are engineered this way, and the behaviours that it sets up are very expansive to the small self and not encouraging our transcendence into the higher mind of greater expansive self. Facebook isn’t great for self-realization or enlightenment :) There are other issues too, which I discuss here.

Thankfully there are ways to become more aware of how these issues might be affecting your life, obviously or subtly, and how to reprogram your own consciousness to work around these problems and think outside the box for the sake of greater advancement and spiritual evolution as a New Human. I talk here about innovative ways to heal the addiction, clear the haze, use it as a spiritual resource, develop healthy boundaries, evolve your style, and greatly upgrade what you offer to the community and how. Facebook can be amazing for community and info sharing, but if you don’t use it right, the upsides may come at a price.

I hope you enjoy my wisdom on how to make Facebook work for you as an evolving and ascending being of LIGHT in the new age!!

So much love,
Lunaya Shekinah

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