You (Yes YOU) Get to Create Your Perfect Life *))) Right. Now.


I will share with you now an incredible and simple technique that I use for manifestation, which I have found works incredibly, shockingly well for me and has never failed me once.

The technique is simple : I call upon Spirit (which includes all angels, ET family of light, higher selves, etc. etc.) and I ask them to make the following manifest in my life immediately NOW. (Now means the process is NOW fully set in motion and it is only a matter of divine timing till it comes to fruition). I then write out what it is I’m creating in the PRESENT TENSE as if it were ALREADY TRUE…. and say the words out loud also as you write them. After that just LET IT GO and KNOW it’s coming to you…. and every time you’re worrying about it afterwards just catch yourself and go back to what brings you joy about it, what makes you happy about this creation you’re manifesting !!! It’s OK if you don’t have faith in the process, you can’t screw up here. It still works. Just be all-forgiving with yourself while setting the intention to stay in harmony and faith. And know that you can always cancel anything if it turns out you don’t want that any more.

It can be ANYTHING :) GO FOR IT. The more tuned in with what you really really want, the more honest you are with yourself, the more aligned you will be with spirit for this to manifest perfectly for you. Make a clause that if it’s not in the highest best interest for all involved, your higher self will create something EVEN BETTER – but you’ll be amazed that you REALLY DO get to have what you want. You’re allowed to go WILD… create things that right now you can’t imagine how it could be possible. Create amazing things that you’ve barely given yourself permission to dream of. Create YOUR PERFECT LIFE for YOU, and it can be whatever you like. The more awesome it is the more likely it is to manifest. Don’t be surprised if asking for some crappy job that you don’t really want ends up not really working out for you… you need to ask for what you WANT. Don’t skimp out on yourself. Also, make the space in your life for this to come in (that can be a big one). This can be used for all areas of life. I do it as a quick activity whenever something important comes up.

Sometimes the manifestations have taken longer than I wanted using this technique, but I realized afterwards that when it happened, it was only just waiting for me to get into the space of harmony where I’m joyfully welcoming the experience and not conflicted about it. The process WAS set in motion immediately, and I was guided on a journey of getting strongly into alignment with my creation. That’s why you have to work on yourself and do your inner healing work as a partner process to this technique. Fears of being undeserving, or that it won’t be what you expect, or that it won’t work for you all need to be cleared through compassionate self-witnessing. Just CLEAR all the fear as it comes up, by feeling it, recognizing it’s just fear and releasing it in the moment. Then repeat. This repeating process clears more and more layers until the fear is gone about this issue. Your manifestations will POUR IN…. you will be AMAZED. I recommend this meditation to get into a space of harmony and clarity for your perfect life :

THIS WORKS…. so seriously people <3 Go for it !!

With Love,
Lunaya Shekinah